Tuesday, May 24, 2005

To Chicago!

Ahhhh yes. Tomorrow me and a whole crew fly from LA to the Windy City to attend the International Mr. Leather Contest. Last year this was absolutely my favorite convention! I remember the plane ride there- one of my sexy co-horts had dozed off and was awoken by a hunky steward asking him how he "takes it." My friend, in his groggy confusion replied, "Up the Butt?' "Like a Man?" Good times... The size of the leather market at IML is mind boggling. Imagine a soccer field full of whips and leather cop uniforms for sale. And hundreds of beefy Tom of Findland men ready to buy them. I especially loved watching the old guard Leatherguys with the salt 'n pepper hair, dressed full on Leather Daddy Freddie Mercury style, making out in the corner, cltuching at each other's chaps. Hot! So off I go jet setting to the land of leather plenty. I promise to share all the colorful details.


At 6/20/2005 2:21 PM, Anonymous said...

did that really happen on the plane? was that john boy?


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