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Friday, July 21, 2006

Love Hurts Cabaret

If you live in los Angeles, you are in luck. It's a scorcher outside, but inside the Cavern Club there is AC, margaritas and lots of laughter!

The Love Hurts Cabaret starts tonight for its second run. It's damn funny. I promise you will laugh. My buddy Linda Santiman plays a kooky kinky scenester who takes herself a bit too seriously as Mistress Crystal Wind, Moonfyre Child Vampira.

The show runs Friday and Saturday nights starting tonight. All the info is below.

The time has come for music and leather to come together. Mistress Crystalwind Moonfyre Child Vampira and Dogmeat Slut Butt Ass Slave bring you harmony and dischord when it comes to matters of the heart. Through song and story, pain and pleasure, these sadomasochists from Poughkeepsie explore the reasons why any of us would want to fall in love – when oftentimes it only brings us agony. So then, why love?

Moonfyre and Butt Ass will musically transport you with the song stylings of Foreigner, Pat Benatar and of course, the maestro of love songs, Barry Manilow.

So, cinch up your corset, fasten your nipple clamps and don’t forget your safe word.

This cabaret hurts so good.

Remember, when you call or e-mail beforehand, you get a whopping two bucks off at the door!!  So it's worth it!  Go on the Cavern Club website to reserve on-line.





$12 @ door
$10 if you RSVP
Friday and Saturday Nights – July 21-August 5th
Show begins at 9pm  

Don’t forget to stick around, sign the mailing list and get a chance to win your very own sex toy!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Batty over Adam West

Palms Springs was the place to be this weekend, if you are a Batman fan. Adam West, the lead Batman in the TV show, had his own art opening in a show aptly titled Beyond Batman. Julie Newmar (Catwoman, purrrrr) and Adam West reunited for this breezy event at the new M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs. Adam West works included more than 50 original paintings and sketches that reflected his experience on the show with all sorts of images of the Joker, the Penguin, Catwoman etc.

Back in L.A. it was all about the giant Erotica LA Convention. My co-workers came back from the event with all sorts of glittery swag and signatures from Porn Stars. What's hot this year besides the movie stars? Kinky toys made of steel. Everybody's doing it.

If you are in New Jersey next weekend, how about attending the TES Fest. Brought to you by the Eulenspiegel Society (say that three times fast!), this 4th of July weekend extravaganza offers 4 days of Events, Shopping, Parties, Kinky Play and 120+ Classes. You may even win, through one of their raffles a $100 Gift Certificate for the Stockroom. That's worth the trip itself! Look out for the uber sexy Bondage Lounge with Midori, and the cleverly titled, "I'm a Masochist! What's a Masochist?" panel discussion.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Models and Reflection

I love the photos featured by Steve Diet Goedde in the latest Eros-Zine article about Miss Conduct. I had the pleasure a couple years ago of accompanying Miss Conduct with a group on halloween to KnottsScary Farm. Sexy Fetish Models and Amusement park zombies, what more can you ask for?

Speaking of models, Midori has been branching out from shooting bound babes to hot leathermen. Her latest pic is shown in her Live Journal entry. I think this is a great direction for her. If any female can get hot pics of leatherdudes, it's Midori.

I often think of summer as a time of personal reflection. If you have some lazy summer days ahead and are interested in getting to know a little more about your or your loved one's "Personality Style", take a tip from our very own Joel Tucker and pick up Please Understand Me by David Keirsey. The book consists of a thoughtfully written questionnaire and plenty of interesting analysis about the various combinations of personality styles. This book is great for getting to know a group you work with, play with, and for finding more individual insight.

Lastly, I mentioned many moons ago that a new punk-girl site will be up and running, and that day has finally arrived! God's Girls (some in lovely Stockroom attire) are making a splash in a big way.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Toys and Lubes Update and Sexy Ladies

I don't know about you, but I can get a bit confused about which toy should be used with which lube. Mess it up, and your favorite, expensive dildo could be a blobby mess! Who wants that? About a year ago I wrote a big blog about toys and lube compatibility, and now I would like to share with you some new information.

Many lube enthusiasts have enjoyed the silky, long lasting power of silicone lube. But, up until now I have been warned not to use silicone lube with silicone toys. The idea is, the silicone cells "bond" to each other and change the chemistry of the toy. Then you end up with Frankendildo. A nightmare for sure.

The deal is, that is still true about every rubber / jelly / low grade silicone toys. Use water based lube. Not silicone. But, my dears, if you adore medical grade 100% silicone dildos, you may be in luck! The 100% medical grade silicone dildos hold up just fine with good quality silicone lubes, like Wet, ID Millennium, Eros, and Sliquid have proven to hold up very well.

The Sliquid Silk has the best of both worlds because it is actually a water / silicone hybrid. It has a water base and 12% silicone to give it its extra silky feel. This one is especially good for women who enjoy sex toys. It doesn't have Glycerin or Nonoxynol 9, which can irritate the vaginal walls.

If you already have a favorite silicone lube and aren't sure whether it would be safe to use with your silicone toy, do a patch test. Apply a bit of lube to the bottom base of the toy, and notice whether the lube "bonds" to the toy and becomes gooey. If all is golden, use the lube with the toy, then be sure to wash it up with anti-bacterial soap, or toy cleaner, and boil it periodically.

Tantus came up with some big beautiful new dildos and vibes made of that fancy schmancy 100% Platinum Silicone. I love The Captain, and The Squirt dildos, and the G-Spot vibe. Oh Captain! My Captain!

Is that enough practical advice for one day? Okay, how about more pics of sexy gals? These couple of cuties I pulled from Steve Diet Goedde free part of his site. There is a never ending array of lovelies to see there!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Get Your Queen On

The latest Wig Out event, "Freddie Mercury- Get your Queen On" was every bit of extreme fantastic-ness as I expected. Held at the M Bar, a old-Italian looking bar in Hollywood, I was greeted by a drag king Freddie taking tickets in a sparkly gold bra with a busy mustache. I dashed immediately to the Wig Repair Booth by Darlin' of the Fandango Salon. Help! My fall is looking mighty haggard! Darlin was dressed like one of the Andrew Sisters and jumped right in to pretty up my hair. I got lots of great wig-care advice and tips on where to get the best products. Thank you darlin'!

Inside I was immediately greeted by Jean Natalia, the producer of Wig Out, looking especially Freddie-fied in a red jumpsuit with sequins, packing a huge bulge, and sporting a bountiful mustache. She kicked off the show with a full-on dance number with two go-go boys! Everyone was screaming with delight!

There was an amazingly punk drag queen performance art poly bi drag king set of performers who all paid tribute in one way or the other to Queen Freddie. My favorites were Prince Poppycock and Jackie Beat, who had the outrageous looks to go with some impressive set of pipes. Believe me, and I speak from experience here, singing Queen songs are not easy- there are a million quick moving lyrics and a huge range. I was completely impressed with how everyone pulled these songs off!

Never fear if you missed Friday's bliss- Jean Natalia is putting on a naughty boys night out this very Tuesday- that's tomorrow- in West Hollywood. It's called....ahem... Tea Bag! And she's got the "balls" to pull this one off! This one is happening every Tuesday night at the 7969, and it's all about Rock Pop Punk New Wave Glam with DJ Howie Pyro. I highly recommend it.

I got some exciting news from our Daedalus Publisher that Violet Blue's Book, Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples, already has 864 pre-orders from our book distributor! In other words, everyone is chomping at the bit to get her latest sex guide. Violet was last seen at a robot convention. What a boring life, eh? I love the pic with the Stormtrooper.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Charo, Freddie, Midori and Kumi

Let's take a moment and take in the magic that is Charo...

First of all, Linda Santiman, our Daedalus Publisher, just sent me of this photo of her and choochy choochy Spanish Guitar playing Charo. My goddess! It's priceless! Loyal readers may remember me talking about the Pamela Anderson Celebrity Roast and Charo's appearance. What a memorable night.

I've got Queen playing on my computer itunes right now in preparation for the Freddie Mercury-themed Wig Out tonight with Jean Spinosa. The question is, what am I going to wear? Mustache? 70's shag hair and cape? Hmmmm......

In other news, Midori and Kumi will be breaking in the new Syren store with classes! It's the first time Syren will host classes, and we are all terribly excited. Here's the skinny:

Saturday, July 15, 2006 at the Syren Store

Class "Military & Interrogation Scenes"

Crisp uniforms. Commanding women and dashing men. Relentless discipline. Cruel interrogators. Physically demanding training.

If these images make your heart beat faster, then march don't walk to this class! Your military play might involve only two people or a large cast with complicated coordination. Midori will discuss the different types of scenes, how to prepare for them, how to maintain your roles, and how to do it all safely. Expect intense scenes demonstrated right before your eyes!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Class "Hands-on Rope Body Harness"

Body harnesses are fantastic for creating beautiful, effective, and sexy bondage for all types of bodies and many different sorts of scenes.

You can use a harness for very secure rigging. Or you can make a pretty rope outfit. Create intense harnesses for pain sluts. How about sensual breast bondage? Midori will show you at least 6 different varieties of body harnesses. You can choose the ones you want to practice with attentive supervision from Midori.

Dress & Supplies: Wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. Bring a large towel or yoga mat if you‚d like to use the floor. And, of course, bring rope - the more, the merrier! (Suggested minimum: 3 or 4 pieces of 20, 25, or 30 foot lengths. If the rope is for a smaller person, bring the shorter lengths. For a larger person, bring the longer lengths.)

Special Class by Kumi! ""Secrets of the Glamour Life: So You Want to be a Fetish Photographer or Model"

The ever popular internationally notorious fetish and bondage model Kumi reveals all!

Don't miss this class if you want to make it in the kink biz world!

The classes are still accepting willing students.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Erotic City and Dyke March

Here's a few lovely photos to share from last weekend. Diamonback Annie, our very own Oshay from the leather design department (looking especially tough, I might add) and our Daedalus publisher, Linda Santiman at both Erotic City and the Silverlake Dyke March. Annie sported our leather jock strap (with her own embellishments and flair) and was told to "cover the crack" so she can be street legal. This isn't San Francisco, darling. Cracks must be covered!

If you are looking for some sexy femme toughness this weekend, look no further than the Derby Doll's latest match up in North Hollywood. They have a whole slew of tournaments coming up, so be sure and check their calendar. Last time I went to a match, a friend of mine playing bit it so hard, her knee was cut down to the tissue (eeesh!) and another girl broke her arm. All this is amazing sexy outfits and rollerskates. I think I am in heaven.