Friday, June 03, 2005

International Mr. Leather 2005

I am finally back in L.A. after a six day stint in Chicago attending the infamous IML convention. Whoa boy! What a ride! How does a pervy, 5’4” female fare in a sea of hundreds of Leathermen? Swimming through a sea of the crème de la crème of hunky kinky gay dudes? Oh, she does quite well for herself….

IML is an event that overwhelms all the senses. The first sense that is hit the minute I hit the front door of the host hotel is the blast of aroma. That’s right. Imagine a primal blend of leather (natch), sweaty man sweat, testosterone, cigars and DESIRE. These guys are horny horny horny. You can smell it in the air. The scent is so damn sexy.

Next of course is the sights. Imagine Tom of Findlands, Freddie Mercurys, and the leather dude from the Village People multiplied by a thousand. And most are dressed to the leather nines 24/7. It could be 6am and there are guys in chaps in the lobby. Fantastic.

Then there is touch. Now, because I am just a little female, I was nearly invisible to these guys. Except maybe I’d get a compliment on my dress, etc. So there was no funny business-kind of touch going on. (Although this hot androgynous gal gave me a look like she wanted to devour me like a pork chop!) So touch for me involved lots of brushing up against hairy, sweaty arms and shoulders as I tried to squeeze through the flirt-fest in the lobby.

The Stockroom booth in the leather market downstairs was hopping as usual. Being a very clever business, JT’s managed to employ some very hot and tasty men to work the booth and strut their stuff. These guys wore our fabulous rubber apron that highlights the gym –toned booty so well.

I helped Midori kick off her brand new book, Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink at the Daedalus booth. Midori took matters into her own hands when she tied up our guys Japanese Bondage style and used them as book displays! She also ran around Shibaricon after a rousing opening event speech.

Other highlights: Kissing comic icon Judy Tenuta’s hand, the Hello Kitty corset from Marvelous Mayhem, and kinky couples who dress alike.


At 6/20/2005 11:54 AM, Jen said...

Wow! It was a leather explosion! Having never been there before, this was quite an experience! It was great to see Midori do her thing.

And I SO want the hello kitty corset. It was hilarious to see it in the sea of leather!


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