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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Human Animal Play

There's been a lot of talk of Animal Farm and zoos and the like after our Stockroom buyer started beefing up our Human Animal kink gear. I loved that cautionary tale about the Animals taking over and the corruption and power struggles and so on. Do you remember the cartoon? So scary. And brutal. And way too close to home. Leave it to George Orwell to scare the bajesus out of me.

Our new Pig Face Hood reminds me of Animal Farm, and Lord of the Flies. Oh yes, it's dark! In that brilliant way. As they say, don't be afraid of the shadow.

I love the ponies. I remember attending BondCon in Vegas a couple of years ago, helping out in a Stockroom booth, and admidst the fetish models tied up in hemp rope spider webs and the Doms doling out whippings was the Pony Parades. My jaw dropped when I saw the fantastical hooved boots and the bells and the tails and the manes. The ponies looked amazing. It was better than the Macy's Day Parade. Oh the pomp! The circumstance!

My favorite book on the subject of ponies is (yes, I'm the gal who often has a book reference! love the books!) is Carrie's Story by the whip smart (pun intended) Molly Weatherfield. Her main heroine, Carrie, is a Berkeley PhD educated gal who discovers her kinky side and is willing to go through horse training.

I'd love to see a Human Animal event on the level of the Westminster Dog Show. I'm not really a natural dog lover, but I am fascinated by this high-stakes competition. Ever since I saw the hilarious movie, Best in Show, I've been hooked. I can just picture the human animal version: the judges lifting the tail and cupping the balls to see if they have been bred well. The owners running them around the track at a dignified gait. I'd buy tickets.


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