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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Black Heart's Ball at Miss Kittys

For those of you who have already checked out the new Stockroom Forum and read my article about the club, Miss Kittys, this excerpt will be déjà vu:

One of the most regular and reliable fetish nights in LA is Miss Kittys night on Friday at the Dragonfly in Hollywood. The crowd is young and fashion conscious and ready to dance and flirt and show off their newest outfit. I swear, and I'm not bragging, I couldn't stand still for a moment by myself without getting hit on. People there are ready to play! I like the floor shows as well. They are full of humor and general naughtiness. The crowd is mostly hetero, but the smaller gay crowd fits in comfortably as well. And all the gals seemed willing to cross the line if the opportunity arose....

Yesterday I had a chance to meet Christos, the organizer, and Miss Kitty herself! We gave them a tour of the Stockroom, and they picked out a pile of prizes to give away this Friday at their Black Hearts Ball. Yep, they are going dark and naughty for Valentine’s Weekend. Come join us and maybe you’ll win the big black faux furry Pillow Pouch that holds a generous selection of our toys.

I haven’t been to Miss Kittys for a few months, so I am looking forward to the colorful debauchery.


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