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Friday, December 30, 2005

Fukuoku Delights

How about a toy review for you?

I got inspired by our new Japanese vibrating wonder, the Fukuoku Massage Gloves. Our purchasing manager, Chris, first discovered these at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. He was strolling about the fair, checking out the goods, when the Fukuoku vender came up behind him (Can this guy detect a buyer from miles away? ESP for business?) and started massaging his shoulders with the vibrating gloves. That got his attention!

Needless to say, Chris bought the gloves and flew them back to our fine city. He tried the same shoulder massage out on me. Zowie! I swear, all my troubles melted away in seconds. The combination of human hands manipulating vibrators at the fingertips was delicious. I felt like my shoulders were bathing in vibrations. I could feel the strong vibrations travel from the top of my head, all the way down my spine. And that’s just touching the shoulders!

What sets these gloves apart from other vibrators is how integrated the vibrators are with the dexterity of the human hand. Apply as much pressure as you want, let the fingers do the walking. The use of these gloves can be sensual and relaxing, or they can blow your mind. I recommend getting one for each hand. This handy device was even featured the Marie Claire's Top Ten Ways to Orgasm!

The Japanese have the greatest inventions, don't they? I bet these gloves are much more exciting than those fancy high tech Japanese toilets I keep hearing about.


At 1/21/2006 7:53 AM, Phoenix said...

I have one of these for each hand. They rawk.


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