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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Masuimi Max in Vegas

We’re going to Vegas, baby! It’s that time of the year again, where silicone-breasted porn stars of every ilk gather in Sin City to the delight the porn enthusiast masses. Mostly men between the ages of 20-60 wait in line for hours, cough up the $45 they just won at the roulette table at Treasure Island, and collect signatures and photo candids from the ladies of their dreams.

It’s a flesh circus. There are three story tall exhibits with giant stripper poles and live showers and movie screens. And booth after booth of porn, sex toys and gear. Talk about sensory overload. And celebrities. I’ve seen Mike Tyson and Larry Flynt, to name a couple, turning heads.

We are bringing our own celebrity. She’s much cuter than Mike or Larry. It’s the unsinkable Masuimi Max. That’s her real name and her claim to fame. I got to know and love Masuimi through the lovely photography of Steve Diet Goedde. Masuimi is featured on the cover of Steve’s DVD, Living Through Steve Diet Goedde. There’s a plucky little interview with Masuimi featured in the DVD.

Here website is a pin-up girl, pulp fiction fiesta of fun. (Okay, I’m a little heavy on the alliteration today. That happens when I get excited.) I learned a lot about her vast amount of projects she’s worked on on this site. In addition to being the cutest damn fetish model for Steve, the Stockroom, a bazillion magazines, and hotsy totsy sites like Trashy Lingerie and Titmore and Asspley (love the name), she’s also got some movie work under her belt. She plays the girlfriend in the action flick, State of the Union, and will be acting in the highly anticipated new David Lynch movie, Inland Empire. I am a huge David Lynch fan. I am very excited to check Masuimi out in this.

Masuimi will be at the AVN fan booth in Vegas next week, January 6th and 7th, from noon to 6pm. Bring your cameras! I plan on bringing mine.


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