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Friday, February 10, 2006

Strippers vs. Burlesque vs. Modern Dancers

There has been a heated discussion going around the office today about strippers vs. burlesque dancers. Thanks guys, for giving me a topic to blog.

The talk today had to do with how some burlesque dancers look their noses down at strippers, and don’t consider themselves sex workers. Of course, I know some ex-strippers who turned out to be very skilled and top-notch entertaining burlesque dancers. I am all for equality of heart and mind for all people. So, you can guess which side I am on here. Three cheers for strippers and burlesque dancers!

A gal I know from college, Julie Atlas Muz who is a famous dancer is in this Sex Workers Art Show National Tour. She is performing in this show in LA on Valentine’s Day. (That’s another V-day hot tip for you.) She is a celebrated modern dancer who deftly mixes “high” and “low” art. As put it,

Ms. Muz takes the aesthetic of burlesque and applies it to high art to create a dark fantasy of innocence and corruption. The movement is alternately playful and sexual, and the sex is alternately pure and prurient.

Catch her if you can. Her work is memorable.


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