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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Diamondback Annie and the Merkin

Ever since I saw the great Diamondback Annie burlesque (I am using burlesque as a verb- just for kicks) her way down to shiny gold hot pants from an Elvis vegas outfit, I've been a devoted fan. She's got a bunch of gigs coming up so you can be converted as well!

She's also doing Elvis at a new lesbian club at the Palms. She's performing on opening night, which is Thursday, April 20. I think the other performer that eve is Rebekah Del Rio, and plus many other glamourous girls.

And finally, she'll be in Robbie D's new weekly show on Sundays at the Cavern Club starting off on the 23rd of April. She'll be doing her ZZ Top 80's stripper number, complete with Billy Gibbonsesque merkin and lacy white anklets!

I surfed the web for a great link for the Merkin, and found this amazing site! It's called Merkin World. They can make a specially designed merkin just for you! Wow! I like the 8-ball and the British Flag. What a find.


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