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Friday, April 21, 2006

DomCon 2006

I love the Dominatrix Convention. DomCon, that is. It took place last weekend in Los Angeles near the airport. Mistress Cyan, I believe, started the whole thing. She was there, in all her bad-ass finery. This little convention focuses on dom culture and the best doms on the planet. I am so glad the Stockroom agreed to have a presence there again.

In preparation for this event, I got to visit the Syren store and do a little shopping. Big News! Stockroom just recently bought Syren, and now their amazing production staff will be creating the Latex Couture in our very own building! Did you know that Michelle Pfeiffer's catsuit in Batman was made by Syren? Meow indeed!

Anyway, I got to pick out a few gems to wear at the convention in celebration of the acquisition. Juli picked out a fetching black halter top with the hook and eye front.

I picked out a puffy sleeved ruffly number that I nicknamed the Evil Snow White dress. Where's my poison apple?

Juli Crocket and I started off the weekend on Friday. I enjoyed posing for photos with our booth mascot, the Two Toned Dog Hood. Man's best friend? Yes indeed. I talked to owner of the Red Buns Inn and Princess Kali. She had a sub hooked up with an elaborate shoulder saddle and was taking a cowgirl ride all over the convention. Love that eccentric and beautiful dom. I enjoyed visiting with the Dominion gals, especially Mistress Allie. She's always so sassy and charming.

Diamondback Annie also made an appearance at our booth, in a superb nurse's outfit from Trashy Lingerie! She worked the crowd most of the weekend. Mistress Nan, the author of the amazing book about real life dom stories, My Private Life, did a book signing at the event as well.

To all of those who are fans of the author Patrick Califia, who wrote the sizzling hot Macho Sluts and much much more, I want to direct you to his Live Journal. He just had a heart attack. You can send loving wishes and hospital bill donations to this address. I am a very big fan of Patrick and wish him a speedy recovery.


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