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Monday, April 24, 2006

Robbie D. and Jackie Beat

Can I tell you? Robbie D is a nut! I attended, at the suggestion of Diamondback Annie, the cabaret show at the Cavern Club theater called, Go to Church. This insanely good show will run almost weekly (this Sunday, off in May, back in June) and feature some semi-regular players. The ironic, very blashphemous alterna-show features rock 'n roll drag queens, burlesque dancing, gut-busting weird stand-up comedy and surreal sketches. Diamondback Annie's Elvis routine was brilliant, and Jackie Beat's aggressive drag church lady was hilarious. Who knew holy self righteousness could be so funny?

My favorite new clever and wacky Stockroom sex toy is the "How May I Help You?" Gag. It's a gag with removable, interchangeable parts that enable the gag wearer to dust furniture, carry a drink on a serving tray, shine boots, and even clean the commode! Designed by Seattle-based artist and kink player, Scott Paul, this gag brings subbie service to a whole new level.


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