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Friday, May 26, 2006


It's the cusp of a three day weekend and I've got Friday-itis! Most of the office upstairs is out of town at the International Mr. Leather Contest. Be sure to visit the booth at the leather market there if you are in Chicago! I'll miss Chicago this year, I've got too many gigs in town this time around. So squeeze a leather bear for me if you see one!

A great distraction for all of five minutes today was watching the addictive Wonder Woman video a fan made, set to the disco version of the theme song.

Speaking of superheroes, (as I often do), our latex designers came up with the quintessential rubber hero catsuit for men. Sleek, form fitting, mysterious! Put this on and you can take on Catwoman. Meow. I hope they design a catsuit for women soon. Puuuurrrrrrrr.......

The Wonder Woman video is hosted by YouTube, one of the coolest video sharing internet gizmos I've seen in a while. Bored? Got a laptop and wifi? Entertain yourself with an insane amount of silly, interesting shared videos. It's like attending a film festival shorts program every day.

Speaking of Film Festivals, I just received the film schedule for the 2007 Outfest Film Festival last night. It looks like a great program! They are even showing lesbian porn this year! The much celebrated Pink and White production of Crash Pad is being hailed as the best lessie-alt-porn ever made. Yowsa! Buy tickets now. It runs in Los Angeles July 6-17.


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