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Monday, May 08, 2006

Mile High Club

I was gazing at a new photo Steve Diet Goedde took for the new Syren line of latex couture, and I found myself drawn to the latex stockings that match a tiny dress a gorgeous red head modeled. I love the way that stockings frame and encase a great pair of legs.

The Stockroom carries a deliciously shiny pair of basic black latex stockings. These go with everything, darling. And black is so slimming. Pair them up with a pair of latex opera gloves, and really, what else do you need? A wink and a smile?

I visited Steve Diet Goedde's site, and Holy Sapphic Mile High Club! The gals kissing all in latex, Rose & Joelle at 1500 ft., sent my heart a flutter! I love the lip smacking mixed with aero headphones, latex wear and great views of Seattle. Where's my boarding pass? I want to ride that plane!

If you are a Mile High Club enthusiast, you may enjoy this site I found full of Erotic Stories of High Altitude. With titles like, "To Italy with Love", and "We Won't Stop Until We Qualify", how can you go wrong? Has anyone ever had a theme party like this? I can just picture all the captain and stewardess uniforms, the peanuts, the oxygen masks.....


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