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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fact and Fiction

I have noticed a trend in non-fiction sex books: how-to guides are mixing facts with fiction. Not in a confusing way, mind you. But in an inspiring way. Informative chapters are ending with appropriately erotic stories.

Non-fiction books about erotic practices have the unique opportunity to inform and inspire like no other guides out there. And sometimes just reading the non-fiction is enough to get the fires going. But there is something wonderfully naughty about including an erotic story right there at the end of the chapter that sends home the message, "Hey, you learned about it, now have some fun!"

I got to take a gander at Violet Blue's newest book, Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples. Each chapter covers a different fetish and includes an erotic story at the end by Thomas Roche, esteemed editor of Eros Zine. Yummy! The stories are great. I especially liked the one about role-playing. The book is in pre-sale and should be out in June.

Another playful example is Joseph W. Bean's Soaked! - A Watersports Handbook for Men. The book is full of frank advice, hot stories, and dirty artwork. It's worth reading for the stories alone.

Midori's Wild Side Sex, the Book of Kink includes autobiographical stories and fantasies from her own life. And what a life! These stories are as exciting as any fiction I've read! They are peppered throughout the book as icing on the cake to a top notch book about kink lifestyle and play.


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