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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Start of Summer Fun

I've got some fantastic news to share with you. First off, Violet Blue, a celebrated sex educator and author, super podcaster, and a Celebrity Moderator on our very own Stockroom Kinkwire Forum is autographing a complimentary sample of her latest book, Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples at the Book Expo America in Washington D.C. on Saturday, May 20th, from 4:30- 5:50pm at the Convention Center. Violet Blue, outspoken, witty and very sexy, plans on taking this book publishing convention by storm!

If you are not knee-deep in the world of book publishing, you can order a pre-sale copy of her book now and be the first one on your block to show off her innovative new guide.

What are you doing for Memorial Day Weekend? If cavorting with hundreds of leathermen is your idea of a good time, come visit our booth in the Leather Market of the world famous International Mr. Leather" in Chicago. We are bringing a large selection of our toys and gear to sell all weekend by our helpful, informative and terribly sexy co-workers. Shop for your favorite items and play with them all weekend. Now that's instant gratification. I'm telling you, even if you are not a big hunky leather dude, this convention is really fun. You haven't lived until you've danced in a sea of sweaty dancing leatherguys!

I had a friend of mine visit the IML market who is a nurse, and she was impressed by all the complicated medical gear. She thought she should start her own business!

If you can't make it to Chicago, how about visiting our booth at the Erotic City section of the Los Angeles Gay Pride celebration after the parade on Sunday, June 11th. Our booth will be right next to the demo stage again, where last year Midori gave a memorable Japanese Rope Bondage demonstration last year to a willing leatherman, then autographed her newest book, Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink.

If you like to hang out in graveyards, you'll love the Hollywood Forever Cemetery's summer movie series. I saw Hitchcock's The Birds for the very fist time last Saturday night. It was the perfect place to see it! Yowsa! Tippi Hedren is a nut! I am a new fan.


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