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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Oozinator Meets Barbarella

I just got wind of the ultimate sci-fi perv's dream toy: the Super Soaker Oozinator. Check out this description from an online (vanila kiddie) toy store:

Sneak up on your opponents with a surprise bio-ooze attack! Just when they think you’re coming at ‘em with water, blast ‘em with a shot of icky bio-ooze! Shoot out globs of gooey bio-ooze and then drench ‘em with water! It’s a double blast attack that’ll keep your opponents on their toes and running during every water fight. With the OOZINATOR blaster you don’t just get soaked, you get drenched!

Are you kidding me? I can just imagine a dark lusty villian chasing Barbarella with one of those blasters and drenching her in "ooze" then following up with a very special slip 'n slide session, if you catch my drift. Yowsa!

I joked with the Stockroom buyer that the Oozinator should be our new Lube Shooter. Hee hee. What would be the best lube for such a sci-fi device? Maybe the ID Millennium or the Gun Oil would be appropriate. Thank you folks, I'll be shooting off the puns all night....


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Ozzinator at


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