Friday, July 15, 2005


I attended a great shorts program at Outfest that rarely gets shown at other festivals—full on porn! That's right! How many times does a gal get to see the naked goods 20 feet high on a big screen while sitting with a room full of hip queer women? Not often enough!

The shorts program is called Pornocopia: Girl Porn, and it delivered as promised. My favorites were the boxing/masturbation short flick called Jerking, and the Butch Plumber/ Femme Housewife fantasy called Pornograflics: Housewifey.
Of note: the big glass dildo used in the SM fantasy flick, Dominatrix Waitress. Impressive!

Happy Birthday to Joey, the super talented Stockroom Leather Designer! His latest work, the Fleece-Lined Buckling Wrist Cuffs with Scalloped Edge, are tres chic.


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