Monday, July 11, 2005

So Fancy

I have decided today is Fancy Day, and I am dedicating this blog to all things fancy:

  · The Los Angeles Outfest Film Festival gets major BDSM brownie points (I think I just invented that—BDSM Brownie Points) for showing a positive, sexy, BDSM kinky character in their opening night movie last night. The movie is Côte D´Azur, a fancy French film, and it was a perfect film to open the festival. Breezy, naughty, funny, and very sexual, this movie did not apologize one bit for its open-mindedness about sex and polyamory, bisexuality, and BDSM proclivities. Our kinky character, a strapping, shaved headed, gay hunk, Didier, was not afraid to play the top and whip out the handcuffs. Yummy! I highly recommend this summer romp of a flick.

  · The Outfest LGBT Film festival is celebrating its 23rd year (you know there is going to be a huge party when it gets to 25!). The opening night gala was staged at the opulent Orpheum Theater. For the first time in its 23 years, the mayor opened the ceremony. Our brand new mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, addressed a cheering, standing ovation, encouraged the festival with accolades, and of course, asked us to spend our $$ in the city of Los Angeles. Perfect.

  · One trend in sex toy fanciness that I am appreciating is the ultra deluxe high-end dildo sets. What better way to feel extra fancy than to use one of these kits? Elemental Pleasures has a line of dildos out that ranges from aircraft-grade aluminum to stainless steel to medical-grade titanium. How James Bond! How Blade Runner!…… Sleek, sci-fi, and top of the line. The other impressive kit is the Ballz Master Set. It's Sci-fi meets Tinker Toys.

(Elemental Pleasures)
(Ballz Master Set)

  · Another fancy toy set is the Violet Wand SD II set. I got to take a gander at this new kit. I really enjoyed that the one with a metal coil inside lights up an orange color in contrast to the violet color, and the cane-shaped tube with all the sparkling cut glass beads that reflect the violet wand's light. Oooooohhhhh, sparkly glowing colors……ahhhhhh……


At 7/14/2005 10:12 AM, julio said...

Yay for Outfest! And hooray for Antonio Villaraigosa! 1/2 the Evangenitals (Evangina) played at a fundraiser for him during his campaign. We liked him then, and we like him even more now.

Tonight at Outfest there is a film screening at 9:30pm called "LA Dolls", which tells the tale of a lesbian couple using Barbie dolls... and the film features the song "Gasoline" the Evangenitals!


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