Friday, September 23, 2005

Folsom Street Fair 2005

To San Francisco

The office has been a buzz with activity in preparation for the grandaddy of outdoor leather events, the legendary Folsom St. Fair. I remember my first Folsom St. fair, long before I worked at the Stockroom. I was visiting a close college friend who lived in the SoMa area. (That's South of Market to you non-west coast types) We got all dolled up in black leather/rubber and green wigs and strolled the fair. My friend is a astonishingly gorgeous and creative type who funds her oil paints by dancing at the Lusty Lady. We had a great time dancing and shopping amidst the hyper-testosterone.

The fair was my first taste of a vision I would end up witnessing again and again- the tribal sea of leathermen. Sprinkled with a few colorful lesbians and bi/trans/straight adventurers. Since then, the fair has diversified a bit, but the leathermen still rule. As it should be.

If you are in the area, the Stockroom booth is #749. Midori will make an appearance and tie some hunk up and sign some books. I am getting my outfit together tonight! Should I go colorful player or dark and brooding? Hmmmmmmm..........

Some other tasty tidbits:
The Erotic Museum has a lubed up play pen they call the toybox . There is a great video clip of the nasty dildo action.

Midori will be at A Different Light Bookstore this Thursday at 7pm doing a book signing, then, from 9pm to midnight, She'll be taking over the entire elegant jewelry store of Gallery Flux, creating a "sensual blend of flesh, rope, bamboo, metal and jewels. This will be created specifically to be viewed from the street." Cool, huh?

Tuesday, October 4th for's Baadmaster's Dungeon Show from 6-7pm, I will be on the radio! Expect hijinks.


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