Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Go Out and Play

For all those who made it to Bar Sinister last Saturday night, I salute you! I would like to thank Marina for being such a gracious host, and creating a great play space upstairs and booth for Steve Diet Goedde's goodies. I got to talk to a number of admirers of Steve's work. The postcards and DVDs were a big hit. It was a kick helping Steve manage the booth while he signed autographs, and dance to the best classic goth music in L.A. Long live the music of The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, and Bauhaus. I always feel a chipper sixteen years old again when I listen to those tunes.

This Wednesday is the movie premiere of Margaret Cho's latest hit, Assassin, debuting at The Egyptian Theater through the Outfest Wednesdays all year festival. The ever brash and brilliant Cho will be there to kick it off. I'll be there laughing my ass off, to be sure!

For those who love to cavort in the sun in a kink-friendly atmosphere, LA's Sunset Junction is happening this weekend. Where else can you flirt with leathermen, stroll the street with cute punk moms and their babies, dance to incredible bands, and buy various meat products on a stick? Well, there are a number of places, but this festival is not one to miss. I am looking forward to the New York Dolls and the Suicide Girls.


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