Saturday, August 27, 2005

Jury Duty

I had my first experience with Jury Duty yesterday. That means most of the day I got to sit in a holding pen with 100 other good citizens and wait to see if the powers that be will assign me to a jury. I came really close to being assigned a case, but at the last minute, the case settled out of court! I have to admit that there was a big part of me that was very interested in serving on a jury; I wanted to help decide someone's fate, and lead a case to justice. I guess that's what role playing is for! Anyone out there ever play sexy judge and defendant? What is underneath that robe, your honor? Oh the harm that can be caused by a gavel......

Speaking of role playing, I came across a wickedly funny cartoon strip made in Midori's honor.

And while we are on the subject of comics, the brilliant artist Carol Lay, whose strip runs in the LA Weekly, stopped by the Stockroom today and dropped off some of her hilariously sexy Laundry Day t-shirts. Her comic is so witty and insightful. She told me a couple pages of her comics are going to show up in a comic collection in the new Ramones CD box set, Weird Tales. She wins a lot of hip points for that one.

I adore the more fetish-oriented comic strips—my absolute favorite was the conspiracy theory-laden The Invisibles by Grant Morrison. I remember thinking to myself, is it okay to be this attracted to comic book characters? It's only pen and ink, but yowsa! I swear the single best comic I ever read came from that series, as an origin story about the character Lord Fanny, called Apocalipstick. What a mind bender.


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