Thursday, August 25, 2005

Erotic Museum

I took a trip to the Erotic Museum today in Hollywood. What a great resource. What a great place to venture into right off of the Walk of Fame—as it says on their website—between Disney and Liberace. The newest exhibit is The Folk Show: it's naughty folk craft. I was pleased as punch to find one of my friend's work featured there, Greg Der Ananian and his Dirty Pillows. Funny and brilliant work. If you ever have a hankering for a cross-stitched pillow that says Cock Sucker on it, he's got it for you.

For all those shiny healthy types who read Self Magazine, check out the article in this September's issue: Pssst! What Every Sexually Smart Woman Knows: take charge of your satisfaction with a new breed of vibrators. The article features quotes by the Stockroom's very own marketing/publishing gal, Linda Santiman and the Erotic Museum's Curator, Eric Singley.


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