Monday, August 29, 2005

Burlesque Revival

I was in the airport recently flipping through magazines while waiting for my flight, when I came across the ├╝ber-glamorous Dita Von Teese in a spread in Vanity Fair. Good for her! Crowned "the queen of the new burlesque renaissance", Miss Von Teese is the face of the Burlesque Revival that has, quite literally, been sweeping the nation, two pasties at a time. And of course, her engagement to Marilyn Manson has been newsworthy as well. Who can get me an invitation to that wedding? Is it still happening? I want to sit next to her new stuffed swans.

Nothing celebrates fetish like a sexy little burlesque show. I know for me, ever since I was a girl, the smiles and unapologetic sexuality and nudity of the old burlesque icons like Bettie Page and the photography of Bunny Yeager turned me on so much more than the woesome, blank stares and snarls of the modern stripper and porn star. The pin up gals and burlesque *stars of old* looked like they were having ...... dare I say it ? ...... fun! The smiles of these gals matched the smiles of the dancers in a Rita Hayworth film. And the outfits! Oh how I love the retro outfits. I applaud Dita for following what she loves and making a name for herself. And I applaud all the 2005 burlesque dancers all over the world for slipping on their finest garters and entertaining us with their curve-loving moves. Oh hell, buy your own pasties, garter stockings and lingerie! Pin up girl outfits! DIY all you trannies and femmes!


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