Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Best of LA

I popped my “rubber cherry” last weekend at the Best of LA bash at the Union Station. In other words, I wore a shiny latex outfit for the first time and got to show it off at a LA Weekly party!

The Latex Department at the Stockroom is making grand plans to greatly extend its line to include a lot more wearables. So, to honor that, and experiment with design, our own Jeff of LA designed a fabulous rubber dress for me for the party.

I learned a lot that night about wearing rubber. Jeff of LA was great about getting me started. Jeff suggested the first time I wear a new rubber item, to actually take a shower in it to wash off all the talcum powder off of it. Since I was at work, I rinsed it off in the sink. Jeff suggested I wait to shine it up until I am in the parking lot of the event- so I arrive all shiny, and not get lube (the original Eros lube is the best product to use for latex polishing) on my car seat.

Juli Crockett, Steve Diet Goedde and I drove together. Then Juli helped shine me up in the parking lot! We got some intrigued looks as people drove by us, waiting to park their cars. Steve took a phone cam video of the shiny event.

It was a hot day, and ….. as a lady….let me just say that I was “glistening” a lot- actually, streams of perspiration were streaming out of my latex opera gloves and down my legs. I think the folks who brave all those outdoor festivals and parades in rubber attire are amazing. Drink your water, rubber heroes! I think I sweat in that outfit almost as much as I do in Bikram Yoga class.

As the sun set in LA and the night cooled, I felt a lot more comfortable and yes, sexy in my rubber dress. The party was great. The Union Station has some amazing architecture, and the outdoor courtyard lent a festive feel. Déjà Vu gals ran around in pink sparkly hot pants, glitter and faux tattoo wings, In-n-Out Burgers were being offered on platters, and Pinks supplied the veggie hotdog meal I was looking for. There were Texas Hold ‘em training tables from the Commerce Casino. I lived up to my name with some big wins at that table. That’s right, I was raking in the chips.

The three of us made it to an elaborate chocolate fountain hosted by Mignon Chocolate. What decadence. With glee I dipped strawberries and little rice krispie treats into the flowing chocolate. We joked about dipping hotdogs in the fountain, but don’t worry, we held back.

My favorite people to visit at the party were Freddy and Eddy- and their new gal about town, Jennifer Ramsey. She has recently signed on to work with the wonder couple. I also enjoyed talking to Jordan the Bonkmaster about the power of blogs and the written word. A good night was had by all.


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