Wednesday, October 05, 2005

KSEX Radio

Lucky Lana Blog: Live on KSEX Radio

Last night I had the best time on the Baadmaster Dungeon Show on KSEX radio. KSEX radio is an online radio channel (free) that offers live video feed (for a fee) every evening. The Baadmaster Dungeon show features Baadmaster and Mz. Berlin. They are the only kink program on a radio channel mostly populated by Porn Stars.

Joel Tucker- the owner of the Stockroom, Steve Diet Goedde, and the Stockroom marketing director, Juli Crockett and I were the guests of the hour. Steve kicked it off talking about his new DVD, Living Through Steve Diet Goedde, then the rest of us took the stage and proceeded to talk about the history of the Stockroom, (there is a great article about Joel and this story in the recent City Beat newspaper).

We then got to the part where Mz. Berlin allowed us to truss her up with our prize give-away, the x-bar spreader. She was very compliant! There weren’t enough microphones, so I happily lay down next to the buxom Berlin and shared the microphone with her. Her bosom made a lovely resting place in between chats.

All in all, the evening was good fun. The hosts told us that their show received the most phone calls and questions, and their very first female caller! A vegan, no less. Baadmaster told us he was proud to be highlighted on a channel that was not “preaching to the choir”. He enjoys all the newcomers to the BDSM scene who call in to ask questions.

Look forward to some hot Daedalus Publishing authors on the show, and our Stockroom gang will gladly come back and play again.

Other tidbits: The fabulous pro-couple duo, Freddy and Eddy, took a tour of the Stockroom yesterday. They will be chronicling their journey into BDSM in their new column in the LA Weekly, OC Weekly, and Village voice! Joel Tucker, Julia Christa, and yours truly plan on helping them through this process.


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