Thursday, October 06, 2005

My visit to Freddy and Eddy’s

My visit to Freddy and Eddy’s

For the first time in a dog’s age I made it to the far side of Los Angeles known as Venice Beach and met the royal pair of couple’s sexuality, Freddy and Eddy. They couldn’t have been more charming if they tried.

Their angle on sexuality is refreshing and a great service. Freddy and Eddy run a by-appointment-only store/salon out of a sweet little house on a residential street. They focus primarily on couples. They provide a safe and creative space to introduce couples to a variety of books and sex toys. This coincides with their very popular website.

Freddy and Eddy met me when I drove up and offered me espresso. They have a little espresso set-up right when you walk into the place. The first room is the “warm up” room, full on non-intimidating lotions and lubes in pretty packages that you can peruse while sipping your latte.

Their expansive library lines one prettily painted wall. There were plenty of fabulous Daedalus titles amidst their collection.

The next private little room was the kinky room! They had a Bonk'er Bed set up, and a number of paddles and crops and floggers and masks ready to play with. They hung an organza-type screen over the implements to soften the room. Couples can dip their toes into the sea of kinky play in this private room.

Then the place opened into the salon area, filled with big cushy couches and glass cases filled with shiny glass dildos and cockrings and the like. We enjoyed talking about the new column they are going to write for the LA Weekly, OC Weekly and the Village Voice, and about the state of sexuality in America in general.

What sets this couple apart is their frank earnestness and enthusiasm for educating and offering paths of pleasure to dedicated couples. There is no shame involved. It is an open-minded space where couples can be curious and learn together.

Freddy laughed at me for ordering a decaf espresso. I didn’t mind.


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