Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Folsom Street Fair 2005

Folsom Street Fair was another sunny, Bacchanalian sort of day in San Francisco. I tagged along with the Stockroom crew and their fabulous booth. Kenneth, Chris, Linda and Bryon were a tireless, fun-loving team.

As I like to say, "Mother nature Loves the Gays," and it couldn't have been more true this year. It was pleasantly warm and bright. Warm enough for the assless chaps bearers to not "shrink", but not so hot that fair goers cooked in their leather.

Midori (above) stole the show when she stopped traffic with her rope suspension. The gal who volunteered to be tied up started as a Dorothy Gale - sort of apple-cheeked gal wearing gingham. By the time Midori was done with her, she was wearing a face harness, her curvy body all bound and bared and suspended for the pervy crowd!

Of course, Midori was a vision in five inch metal spikes jutting out of her g-string, horns, and cat-eyes. Wild!

There were plenty of leather daddies there. We had a couple gleefully bound into our booth, with the guy's caged cock proudly displayed in gleaming chrome! He asked for business cards to give out because everyone was asking where he got it! Glad to be of service.

I was amazed by how many non-leather daddies were there. From past events, I was so used to looking out into a sea of black leather. I guess that is now the scene specifically for the more hardcore Dore Alley. Folsom has slowly morphed into much more of a pansexual event. I saw so many more male/female couples, lesbian couples, and scrubbed clean "brand new t-shirt" type gay boys.

The gals bought up the few girly items we took to sell at the booth. I guess we will have to supply them with more next year.

All in all, spirits were up, there were plenty of colorful outfits and pervy sensibilities. It truly felt like a naughty celebration. And everyone felt at home and welcome.

It was a short trip for me, but I did get to experience a couple more notable events:

Thanks to the suave, sophisticated pal Byron, a group of us got much sought after reservations to the hot new restaurant in the Mission called the Range. The souffle melted in my mouth, and the halibut was divine!

I also caught two acts at the Lexington's burlesque show and Uniform party. Those gals knew how to shake it!

Other tidbits:

Midori's Secrets of Japanese tentacle sex secrets revealed! I remember taking a peek at that famous naughty drawing of the lady with the octopus long ago that filled me with awe, wonder, and excitement. Midori breaks down the tentacle sex phenomenon.

Who else loves the nerdy, in the closeted character Tobias from that pee in your pants funny TV show Arrested Development?


At 10/03/2005 2:04 PM, julio said...

arrested development rocks my world!!! so damn funny. personally, i love 'gob' who rides around on his segway and does bad magic tricks. god bless each and every weirdo character on that show.


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