Monday, November 14, 2005

Fetish Flame

I recently met the hottest pair in podcasting, Nova and Atticus from Fetish Flame. I had talked to them on the phone a couple of times and wondered if they were as good looking as they sound. They are! And charming and smart as well. They really do have the best voices suited for podcasting.

Fetish Flame is based out of San Francisco, where they usually do all of their podcasts. But the two came up for a podcasting expo and made their way to the Stockroom to take a tour of the new building, then steal Steve Diet Goedde away for an interview. Future plans involve an interview with Stockroom President Joel Tucker, and yours truly. I look forward to that.

Nova and Atticus told me they were surprised by how far reaching their podcasts have traveled. I believe they said Fetish Model Kumi had originally heard one while she was in Germany!

I have to admit that I heard a podcast for the very first time today. At the click of a mouse I had Fetish Flames’ most recent post playing through my headphones right here at my trusty computer. What have I been waiting for? There is something quite tantalizing about listing to the dulcet voices talking about intimate topics. Today’s podcast involved a chat with Sissy Syndi, a heterosexual crossdresser.

It was such a pleasure to hear Syndi talk so openly about her proclivity. Nova and Atticus conducted the interview with such respect and playful candor. The interview could so easily be used for either sensual stimulation, or in-depth education. Or both.

I adore the heterosexual crossdressers. They really go against the grain. I love that Syndi finds his wife hot and wants to wear her panties. That’s so great.

The het crossdressers bring to mind one of my favorite stand up comedians, Eddie Izzard. Not only is he a mind-blowing history fanatic and can roll with the most clever and hilarious jokes regarding history, but he is also an out heterosexual cross dresser and wears women’s clothes and make-up onstage. On HBO and the like. Mighty impressive.

Syndi mentioned viewing the movie Ed Wood being an important trigger in his sexuality. (I think Johnny Depp in a tight pink angora sweater could be a major trigger for anyone.) He also enjoyed a commercial with William Shatner in heels for Priceline.

The interview covered all sorts of intriguing topics- het women attracted to cross dressing men, those guys who always find an excuse to do drag, where to shop for panties (Syndi says Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, Target and your local 99 cent store 99 cent store are great!)

I am a new convert. I’m going to check out all of their podcasts. Now all I want is one of those new fancy ipods so I can have Fetish Flame to go….


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