Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Interview with Stockroom's Leather Designer, J. Mysterioso

I recently had the distinct pleasure of interviewing our cutting edge leather designer, J. Mysterioso.

Lucky Lana J Mysterioso, your designs are fantastic. They make every kind of body build look good. What is your secret?

J Mysterioso I would have to say knowing what parts of the body to accentuate. We may all have different builds, but we all have a curve or line in our form that we can highlight. Once you determine this, you make the fit around that emphasis perfect.

Lucky Lana Why did you choose to work with leather?

J Mysterioso Ah, leather – It’s an amazing medium with a long history. Leather has sensual qualities like its feel and smell. And I’ve always appreciated the fact that leather construction is a specialty craft. From a designer’s perspective, it’s extremely versatile, it can last a lifetime, and always wears better with age.

Lucky Lana You have such a great handle on making traditional leather scene pieces and very modern designs. How do you decide when to keep traditional and when to break out?

J Mysterioso For me it’s all about the balance of the two. Many bondage and S&M leather pieces are very traditional in their form. I work on impulse to try and incorporate my view of a modern edge into those pieces where appropriate. Reinventing the traditional functionality of a piece with some contemporary twists in aesthetics is always a goal.

Lucky Lana What are your influences?

J Mysterioso Definitely music. For me music is a tool. While working on a project I strive to gain feeling out of my design the same way a song can stimulate all kinds of emotion. And as for an iconic designer – I know it sounds cliché, but I greatly respect John Galliano for pushing his creative boundaries in fashion and being successful in doing so.

Lucky Lana How did you come to work with the Stockroom?

J Mysterioso Ha! A good memory: I was a tapped out college student and responded to an ad posted by the Stockroom in the Career Development Center. I inquired over the phone, to later find out that was the first of many conversations I would have with Lloyd Tucker, a.k.a. Pops. I remember my interview to a tee, literally – I wore a “Big Fuck” T-shirt (totally appropriate for the Stockroom), and after meeting my interviewers I was beyond inspired. I knew right away the Stockroom was a team I wanted to join. Three years later here I am.

Lucky Lana How do you decide what to make next?

J Mysterioso It’s based on three elements: First of all, market demand – the customers’ needs and wants, secondly, personal ideas, and lastly, market gaps – product that’s missing in the marketplace.

Lucky Lana What makes the Stockroom gear so irresistible?

J Mysterioso The quality. The leather we use for our merchandise is high grade when compared with the competition. By far, our leather finishes take our pieces to a level visually that surpass any comparable product.

Lucky Lana What is your favorite part of designing?

J Mysterioso The ultimate for me in the creation process is the end result – bringing a flat sketch to life and seeing a model, or anyone for that matter, rock the piece.

Lucky Lana Do you have any hints to give us about future leather designs?

J Mysterioso Technical designs are on the current agenda - some involving head harnesses. And some fun and very feminine pieces for the ladies.

Lucky Lana Do you have any last words for your leather fans?

J Mysterioso Keep it real. Keep it Stockroom. Pe-ace.


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