Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Latex Love

As you may remember from a few weeks ago, I wore a rubber dress for the first time. Wearing rubber was so much more complicated than I thought! But worth the effort. I got together with Jeff of LA and wrote a basic how-to for wearing rubber, that I would like to share here. I hope it encourages newcomers to try out this really sexy and interesting fetish:

How to Wear Rubber

When you first receive a rubber garment it will be covered with coat of talcum powder. The powder is there to prevent the latex from sticking together and it makes it a lot easier to get on.

Once you are ready to try it on, you may want to apply some water based lube or cornstarch based baby powder directly to the skin to assist with easing the garment on. It is important not to tug too hard, or use your nails, because the rubber can tear. Trimming your nails beforehand is recommended. Ease the item on slowly and carefully.

Once the piece is on, the easiest way to get rid of all the extra powder and lube is to rinse off in the shower and lightly dry off with a towel. If you want a shiny appearance, use a water-based polishing agent. I recommend the original Eros Lube, Black Beauty Polish or Slick Polish. Use a lint-free soft sponge, cloth, or your hands to shine it up.

If you are traveling, you may want to wait to polish your item until your arrival so that the polish doesn’t wear off on your car seat, leaving you with matt spots on your back and rear.

To remove your rubber item, gently roll it off your body. This is much easier to do while taking a warm (not hot) shower. This will also make the next step even easier.

After use, clean the item thoroughly. Natural oils from your skin can damage the rubber if left unwashed for long periods of time. Fill a bathtub or sink with warm water and add a drop of mild dish soap. Never use anti-bacterial soap or a washing machine, both of these will damage your rubber item. Let the rubber soak for at least 15 minutes, then rinse it well and hang it to dry.

Once it is completely dry, dust it with talcum powder, cover it with a black garbage bag and hang it in the bag of your closet, away from any light. Too much exposure to natural light will scar the surface off your rubber item, leaving a matt gray finish that will not gloss.

For more information, we recommend the book, Leather and Latex Care, by Kelly J. Thibault. A great latex fetish website is LustLoveLatex.


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