Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sex Toys for the Modern Home

In the middle of the night last night when I couldn’t sleep (this is often when ideas come to me) I was thinking about Sex Toys for the Modern Home.

The toy I thought of in the middle of the night was the Under the Bed Restraint System. It’s a very simple nylon strap system that you tuck under the mattress to create four points for bondage use. So those who do not have the four poster bed can enjoy cuffing their lover’s ankles and wrists to the bed. In this sleek modern age of Design Within Reach-type platform beds, what could be more perfect? Form and function in harmony.

We carry a new dildo that I heard gives head shattering O’s and looks like a Mid-century Modern Astro barbell or something. The Njoy Steel Dildo. It’s so sleek and shiny, it could be a piece on your coffee table, right next to your collection of Dwell magazines.

This reminds me of the Party Orb from the Woody Allen movie, Sleeper. All these thoroughly Mod cocktail party sophisticates from Woody’s vision of the future had a golden device that seemed to give pleasure that was a cross between a vibrator and a joint. Woody, pretending to be a robot, kept passing the orb from guest to guest until he had the goofiest smile on his face. Anyway, aesthetically, the orb perfectly matched the Mod décor and made the experience chic and delicious.

In some ways like to enjoy my sex life the way I enjoy food- the presentation enhances the more primal experience. That goes for people as well as sex toys!


At 11/04/2005 9:10 AM, Anonymous said...

Hi- This is Greg from njoy - thanks for the lovely review. We certainly aim to please, and we design our products to please more than the obvious senses - we really do want people to leave them out on the coffee table (Noguchi, of course). If you like the wand, we think you'll love what else we have up our ...umm... sleeves... njoy!


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