Friday, November 18, 2005

Hats off to Andrew Blake

Ahhhh Andrew Blake. That maker of the beautiful and perfect, softly lit porn. If you know anyone who is shyly interested in trying porn for the first time- vanilla or fetish, I say break her in with Andrew Blake. Blake makes every scene look dreamy and silky. In a Message from Andrew Blake, Andrew says:

I never photograph my women in a vulgar way. My films are not about reality but portray a surreal fantasy world where each part of their bodies is displayed with the utmost care. Even their most private anatomy is revealed to you like magnificent exotic flowers.

How can you argue with that? Magnificent exotic flowers? That’s precious! Okay, so his over-earnest musings about the female form may be a bit over the top, but there is something to be said for porn that is not meant to be vulgar. Just pretty and steamy. I can appreciate that.

Our superstar Stockroom model, Aria Giovanni, is featured in an Andrew Blake flick aptly named Aria. That’s delicious Aria to go. I swear most of the Stockroom has a crush on that woman. Aria and Angelina Jolie. (No, Jolie does not star in any Andrew Blake films. Stop dreaming.)

Look for the Stockroom booth at Bizarre Bazaar this Sunday. Because so many of the peeps who attend Biz Baz are already longtime customers, we are only bringing new stuff. It should be fun.


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