Friday, October 21, 2005

We Love Bad Girls

Today on Fleshbot, Violet Blue said in reference to a porn enthusiast, “Namely, he prefers women who don’t look mainstream (and I don’t mean alterna-porn, which is the new mainstream, BTW). The last part struck me. Is alterna-porn the new mainstream?

Let’s take the Suicide Girls. I love them. I am most certainly part of their demographic. I find the nubile young punk tattooed chicks in various states of undress DELICIOUS. I watched their new DVD last night, and let’s just say it was extremely satisfying. Wink wink. The Suicide Girls has become a phenomenon, with a site that has celebrity interviews that rival the established Playboy interviews. Sophia Coppola and Johnny Depp have been interviewed here, for Pete’s sake.

And offshoots are brewing. The Stockroom got smart and approached God’s Girls (they have a Myspace page right now) before they got too huge. God’s Girls is like the urban chic version of SG. We are supplying them with yummy fetish wear for their shoots. I’ll keep you posted.

My guess is, these plastic surgery-free gals in groovy clothes and tattoos will not replace the Jenna Jamesons of the world anytime soon, just like indie films will not replace the blockbusters. But hey- Sundance is huge, and there is a proven piece of the pie out there for the alternatives. This is what I think is happening with the alterna-porn. It’s great to know that there is a place for tiny perky bosoms, manic –panic hair and punk sensibility in the adult entertainment industry.

The other bad girls I have come to know and love are the dom gals of Dominion. I have had the pleasure of witnessing them in action at events the Stockroom has attended. I met them while working a booth at DomCon, and then hung out at the Erotica LA booth in between watching them flog the hell out of some lucky lad on our bondage rack.

I witnessed Allie, Catherine and Veronica suited up in the most amazing leather and latex outfits giving the event goers a taste of their skills. I got to see Snow get hogtied up by Twisted Monk with the biggest Betty Page smile on her face.

These gals gush over the Stockroom toys and point out all the ones they already own, and sometimes get their subs to buy them some more. I just adore their power and talents and the way they embrace this scene.


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