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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


A friend of mine attended a kinky wedding last night. He said the ceremony was sweet and simple, but then the reception involved rope bondage and suspension with shiny white ropes to match the wedding gown! The groom agreed that the dress looked better in rope. And that’s one way to get the bride off her feet after wearing spike heels all evening.

Ceremonies of any kind fascinate me. I am always curious to see what symbols people incorporate, and what meaning they invite into their ritual. Weddings are loaded with symbology and ritual, so throw a couple (or more!) kinky folks into the mix, and the sky’s the limit.

There’s a great article in about alternative weddings about whether people choose to continue leading an alternative lifestyle, or succumb to normalcy. The guys at take the discussion a step further in Perverts Tie the Knot, and Test the Bonds.

I found this chat line dedicated just to forced feminization and Male Brides. It’s got some great photos. We carry a great book about alternative couples and ritual and etiquette called the Bride Wore Black Leather- and He Looked Fabulous. It’s very funny and useful! Male Brides may also benefit from The Lazy Crossdresser by Charles Anders. Charles is great at addressing self-acceptance and creativity as self-expression.

Of course, there’s a beginner’s bondage kit for the blushing bride called the Tie the Knot Kit, that includes soft cuffs, collar, blindfold and leash. Or if you are looking for a sturdy but super fabulous set of cuffs and collar to match your bride’s attire, we’ve got a whole line of white leather bondage ready for the wedding, or the reception.

Keep a lookout for the new Stockroom website that’s scheduled to go up in January- it shall include a gift registry!


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