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Monday, December 12, 2005

Bazaar Bizarre Rocked

The Stockroom booth for Bazaar Bizarre took over one corner of the punky DIY craft fair, turned some heads and made some temperatures rise! We brought all of our finest handmade leather designs, and our designer, J. Mysterioso, along with our spunky gals Diamond Back Annie and Juli Crockett.

The crowd was fantastic. There was a line around the block waiting for the fair to open, and throngs of alternative shoppers filled the hall all day. Along with plenty of vendors, there was a raffle, and a cake walk.

I enjoyed checking who checked out the Stockroom booth with wayward glances, and who marched right up and proudly proclaimed they were already on the mailing list! This crowd enjoyed the cuffs, blindfolds, and that hilarious Laundry Day t-shirt by Carol Lay. I felt this real sense of camaraderie at the event. People were proud to skip the mainstream shopping malls and buy from the creative individual. We felt very proud to be part of this event.

Be on the lookout for a couple of documentaries about alternative craft fairs. The Stockroom folks will be in them! And will be interviewing yours truly as I give them a tour of our giant toy wherehouse.

This morning my jaw dropped as a I read a MSNBC Sex Toy Shopping Guide. They were extolling the virtues (pun intended!) of the CB 3000 chastity device! I had no idea such a mainstream news source would dare speak of such things! Our culture really is opening up to new sexual adventures.


At 12/12/2005 1:39 PM, Juliette @ said...

Glory me! I too saw the CB-3000 mention on MSNBC this morning. I love it: vibrating condom rings at Walmart and now CB-3000's on MSNBC. Things are certainly looking up in the kinky world, at least for today.

At 12/14/2005 7:01 PM, The Bam & Share Show! said...

Wicked blog oh dear lovely Lucky Lana! Will be calling you to set up a wildly fun walk thru....
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