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Friday, December 09, 2005

Delicious Drama

I am proud to announce that I got my first complaint by email! I feel like an official sex culture correspondent now. Legit. It read:

I think that it is terrible of you to vulgarize Denza's Funiculi Funicula. There is enough perversion in this world already. Why don't you be content with that and stop trying to pervert what little clean intertainment there is? Hmph!

Now, I feel for this anonymous emailer. There are some days where I get to work early, I’ve just made a cup of tea, and I open up my email and it’s all XXX porn content, extreme BDSM dungeon adventures, etc., and I’m just not in the mood for it. I would rather curl up in my PJs and watch the Sound of Music. Luckily, I don’t usually have too much resistance to writing about sex toys.

I understand, dear reader, that you may not want your favorite Italian opera song soiled by a happy perv’s alternative lyrics. That’s okay. We all have our limits. Keep in mind, I didn’t write the lyrics. I merely passed them along. I got even more responses from delighted opera fans that loved the naughty lyrics. I have a feeling there are a large portion of kinky opera lovers out there. Opera and Kink both contain so much delicious drama!

For all who are missing their lovers/playmates who are off on a family holiday without you, we’ve got a lovely new way for you to share naughtiness via cyberspace. The High Joy Internet Enabled Rabbit Vibrator allows you to hook this vibrating rabbit to your computer and let the other end control the vibrations.

Another option, if you plan ahead, and want to have a lovely reminder of your lover’s errr… member…. how about “cloning” it and using it as a vibrator? We’ve got the Clone-a-Willy vibrator kit just for you. Hee hee.

I am looking forward to the Bazaar Bizarre this weekend. It’s been getting plenty of press. C’mon by and check out our booth, and all the amazing craftiness!


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