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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Panty Parade

Let’s talk about panties. The word itself is culturally feminine in nature. Men who slip on panties generally are indulging the female aura or want to engage in being feminine.

A few of us in the office shared stories about sneaking into the 18 and Over section of Spencer’s- the cheap and tawdry adult novelty chain that graces many a suburban mall. There you can find such naughty underthings as the classic edible panties. I swear there has been more junior high titters about edible panties than just about any other subject. I found instructions on how to knit your own edible panties out of licorice! That wins the prize for craftiness.

What got me thinking about panties in all their ramifications was making a packing list for the crafty DIY fair, Bazaar Bizarre. We are proudly bringing just the items we hand make on the premises, and I was trying to decide whether this crowdy of rowdy punky crafters would be interested in buying leather crotchless panties. I’m bringing a variety of sexy leather panties, but I can’t decide on whether the crotchless variety would inspire this crowd.

One discovery I have made from attending events that delights me is how many men are interested in buying the ultra-feminine, ribbon-laced booty cleavage briefs. I loved being surprised by stuff like that. I love the gender benders and blenders.

One of my favorite curvaceous and whip-smart sex educators is Ducky Doolittle. Anyhoo, Dr. Ducky wrote a great article called PANTY FETISH: Uncovering Why Men Beg, Borrow, Steal Women's Underwear. She’s got all the shades and ramifications down in this plucky Ducky article.


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