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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Corsets Corsets Corsets

Corsets corsets corsets.... I suspect these fetish beauties will continually be reinvented in pop culture and fashion for decades to come. Of course, in the fetish world, it is a beautiful constant.

Leave it to Madonna to find a new way to wear a corset. I never would have thought to pair a corset with a shiny purple disco leotard, circa Studio 54. A usual, I love it, and the new album and the single. Of course, the gal is not new to corsets, she's been wearing them for ages- the Gaultier corset for the Like A Virgin number with the cone bra caused a stir in its time.

The Stockroom has started carrying a delicious selection of new corsets. I've got my eye on the pink and black beauty with the ruffles. Yummy! And the naughty corset dress that exposes the whole backside is wonderfully dangerous as well. It's great at featuring the curvaceous booty.

Men in corsets is another fascinating genre. There are a couple of striking photos Fakir Musafar took of himself in the 1950s in a corset. The pics are in his wild collection of modern primitive photography, Spirit + Flesh. That oversized, hardback photo book has some of the most extreme body modification, piercing, etc. I have ever seen. Annie Sprinkle and Midori are captured in this book as well. And they are both in corsets, natch.

Geoff Cordner also took an amazing photo of a male in a corset as part of his series of photos on his Punk Erotic website. I love the juxtaposition of the tattoos and the sleek black corset.


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