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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Better Than BBQs

Did y'all have a great Memorial Day Weekend? As reports come in, the answer is yes! Diamondback Annie came home from Las Vegas and said she had a ball at the Miss Exotic World 2006. My gal pal from long bag, Julie Atlas Muz took home the grand prize. Diamondback Annie said the act that really stood out, in a sort of violent, abrupt, but refreshing none-the-less, was the former Miss Nude World, Vanna Lace. That lady could whip a boa around sharper than anybody.

I should have stories about IML as soon as the crew comes back from Chicago. But I did hear from Brad Gagne from LA Pride's Erotic City that the Stockroom had an especially smashing booth! Good job crew! I want pictures!

I caught a matinee of the latest X-Men movie. I think it was the best yet! The women were really kicking some serious butt this time around. Like about-to-distintegrate-the-world of butt kicking. I love the androgynous characters, and I am glad they gave Storm a bit more to do. Her character is really fleshing out. Good for Halle Berry. But Jean Grey really stole the show. I'll stop there. I hate spoilers! But I loved this movie. And my hardcore X-Men comic fanatics loved it too, even if it wasn't exactly the same as the original graphic novels. Oh- and Kelsey Grammer as a big furry blue guy (The Beast) was so great!


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