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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

C'Mon, Vote

I was sent an email today with this especially amazing image. It's multi-facted amazingness, actually- the transgendered, balls askew Wonder Woman iconography, the message about voting (c'mon California- get out there and vote, baby!) and Gay Pride. Wow. There should be some sort of award for this. AND.... it was all done to announce a DIY craft night at a local bar. Whew.

Speaking of Gay Pride, 'tis the season for rainbow pride and parades. Los Angeles struts its stuff this weekend. And Lucky Lana will be there! Not on a float, although I'd love to ride one, but spreading the good Stockroom word to the kinky crowd in the Erotic City area of the festival. Our Stockroom booth will be there for your enjoyment this Saturday, June 10th from noon to 11pm, and Sunday, June 11th from 11am to 10pm. We are celebrating our new studly gay website,, selling kinky goodies, and giving away treats. Stop by and say hello!

The best new item we just put up on the website: the Wiggly Rubber Dog Tail. Now all good dogs can wag their tails! It's so cute, yet so back door naughty at the same time. Woof.


At 6/06/2006 4:34 PM, Weasel said...

I like your cunt.


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