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Monday, June 05, 2006

Pin-up Girls and Batcavers

I found a few pin-up style kink photos on the website of Frank De Blase in a section called, adorably, Battlin' Buxotics. I love the hot rod tattooed gals having a hanky spanky good time. I also love the Hotrod Honeys section. It reminds me of that rockabilly pin up gal rag, "America's #1 Stag Magazine", Barracuda Magazine, and of some of the cutely bizarre creatures made by Sara Lazillotta at Devout Dolls. Her creations have been called a mix of Edward Gorey and Tim Burton meets DIY Crafter. The double headed kitten pins and the three legged girl pirates are especially memorable.

All you kids in your 30's and beyond, remember a time before the label "Goth", when those who wore black as an every day uniform were called Batcavers? Am I dating myself? When "Every Day is Halloween"? When Ministry made Batcaver dance music? Ahhhh, those were the days, my friend. Light up a clove cigarette and buckle your Punk Bondage Belt, because Batcavers rule, my darling. Eros Zine did a great article about the goth clubs that are thriving here is LA, Bar Sinister and fetish fancy Miss Kitty's. I love that in the city of silicone bosoms and 50 year old women in pink stilettos, goth culture thrives every weekend at these haunts.


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