Friday, July 22, 2005

Beat the Heat

It's that time of year in Los Angeles and around the country where it's hot. Temperature hot. Sweaty, messy, locker room hot. Bikram Yoga hot. Melt your make-up off hot.

That doesn't sound so sexy? Okay, how about Sultry, Steamy, roll around on the floor-hot? or 9 1/2 Weeks hot. Better?

Let's look on the bright side and say that the glass of ice water is half full and make the best of it. Every path has its opportunities, right? The upsides of a summer scorcher:

1. Less clothing. More curves, more body parts, less clothing to get in the way if you want to tie up that hottie. Less effort and negotiation needed to get those threads to fall to the floor.

2. Ice! So great for kinky play. Get a silly Mr. Peter Mold, and host a naughty kinky pool party with phallic ice drinks.

3. Outdoor sex. Camping sex, backyard sex, road trip sex.

4. Single? How about a summer fling? That's the stuff songs are made of!

5. Got a hottie of your very own? Turn up the air conditioning and pop a copy of the Story of O in the player and ...... get distracted (watch half of it and make your own fun).

6. Your very own private wet t-shirt contest. What prize does the winner get? You decide!

7. Water balloon fight. Maybe have a wet t-shirt contest post-water balloon fight. "Pelt the Submissive with Water Balloons" contest?

Okay, maybe my brain is a little loopy from the heat, but you get the idea. Anybody have any good hot summer stories?

These gals know how to have hot summer fun in the back yard!


At 7/26/2005 4:04 PM, Anonymous said...

You forgot naked swimming! Who doesn't love naked swimming? Or how about naked swimming in other people's pools? Or swimming pool sex?

Yay summer!

At 7/27/2005 11:26 AM, Anonymous said...

just an idea, but ever thought about freezing a key to a padlock in a Mr. Peter Mold and then tieing the person up and using that padlock to keep the person in place??


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