Friday, July 29, 2005

I started out the day today by receiving a most hilarious email from a friend:

"Okay, I had a freakish dream that you were dating Jennifer Aniston! And she got really possessive and mean with you so you broke up with her. Then she came to me because she was pissed that I talked you into breaking up with her. And at first she was really scary but I was saying things like, 'you must be so hurtin' right now what with your gal breaking up with you and Brad cheating on you—here, I know of a great therapist you can call.' And she was very grateful and sweet in the end. I felt really bad for her."

Wow. That immediately made me think, maybe I'd consider that silly lady if I could give her an eastside punky make-over and make her eat pizza and ice cream every day until she no longer looked like Skeletor. Then maybe. But probably not. Sorry Jennifer.

Ooh—I got a link to a new burlesque show I want to see! it's got the sultry ladies of the Velvet Hammer in it. And a fabulous Wonder Woman costume. Yowsa. The Show is called This and That. Hopefully L.A. will catch up with NYC and SF so I can see the show!

A tearful farewell this weekend my favorite club in L.A., The Parlour. Their fantastic 20s/30s night, Bricktops, will dance its last Charleston this Friday. Why must all good things come to an end? Maybe the brilliant Vaginal Cream Davis will find a new venue for Bricktops. I'm crossing my fingers and toes.


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