Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Trannyshack LA and Goth Punk Fashion Show

This last weekend was oh so very very Punk here in the City of Angels. Trannyshack, a staple of the San Francisco scene for many years, held a messy, dirty, blasphemous show right in the squeeky clean city of West Hollywood on Friday night at Fubar. Those who are ardent fans of the Arquette family—you know, Rosanna, Patricia, and David—will appreciate the florescent pretty punk little brother/sister appearance of the littlest Arquette screaming lyrics into a bullhorn while reading them off a shower curtain! There was also a very frightening "Satan Worshiper" drag queen lip synching to Nine Inch Nails and a queen singing to "I Love Dirt" while drinking mud and cigarette butts. I have to say that is the first time in history a stage performer has literally made me gag. Good clean fun!

Saturday there was a devastatingly delicious crowd at the Treehouse in Los Feliz. It's a new lezz-be-friends night complete with a butch make over contest by Phade and a Goth Golf Fashion Show! Vanessa, the designer of xkiller designs was all smiles and sweat at the end of her show. The models and the clothes were hot hot hot! I gotta get me a pair of their groovy gloves....

Sunday I brought fancy chocolate with me to watch the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I love how mean everyone is to indulgent children in this movie. The visuals were fantastic. And the chocolate was yummy.


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