Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Night of Unbelievable Proportions

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of attending the taping of the Pamela Anderson Celebrity Roast. I tell you, it was trashy Hollywood at its finest. Hosted by Comedy Central, located at the Sony Pictures Studio, I can safely say this housed the most garish, fantastically over-the top celebrities I have ever seen in one place.

Now, the taping was last night. Over four hours of taping. The whole thing will be whittled down to one hour of the finest moments and aired on Comedy Central August 14th. Who all was there?

Pamela Anderson
Courtney Love
Bea Arthur
Jeffrey Ross
Anna Nicole Smith
Lady Bunny
Jimmy Kimmel
Sara Silverman
Greg Deraldo
Adam Corrolla
Dennis Rodman
Lewis Black
Andy Dick
Lisa Lampenelli
Christopher Lloyd
Eddie Griffin
David Spade (on Video)
Hugh Hephner (on Video)
Carlos Alazraqui
Laura Krafft
Elon Gold

Favorite moments? Precious Gems? Bea Arthur, of Maude and Golden Girls, read excerpts of Pamela's latest book, Star: A Novel, totally straight faced in her famous deep voice. It was brilliant Performance Art.

Hugh Hephner had a great BDSM moment. As most of you know, Pamela is a PETA gal and huge animal rights activist. Hugh and three of his Playboy Bunnies sent in a well wishing video for the roast. One of the bunnies said, "Can we use the chains tonight?" in response Hugh addressed Pamela and said, "Pamela, I know you care about animals, so I am sorry to have to tell you that I will be hurting these bunnies!"

Of course, Courtney Love was a crazed loose cannon, throwing shoes and lifting her skirt. Andy Dick pretended to suck Tommy Lee's famous schlong and french kissed Jeffrey Ross. Geez, I feel like a writer for Us Magazine all of a sudden! Ahem......

In other news....

Midori has a fabulous new column on the Eros Zine site called Diva's Debauchery.

Allsexreviews.com has a lusty and delicious review of Mistress Nan's book, My Private Life.


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