Monday, August 15, 2005

Lazy Kink

I swear, it's hot here at the office, and everyone I talk to is feeling LAZY. Slothlike. And it got me thinking, what can a kinkster do for fun when they are feeling lazy?

Now—don't get me wrong, the following toys and ideas can be used in ways that are far from lazy and are quite fevered and passionate and explosive, but they can also be enjoyed if you are in the middle of a deliciously indulgent and lazy day:

A wonderful Old Guard leatherguy I know was talking to me one day about the joys of the E-stim Units. Like TENS units. He's been in the scene for decades. As he put it, he's old, he's done it all, and he's a sadist who wants to torture his sub. With a TENS unit, he can hook up his sub, and press all sorts of dials and cause his sub to squirm and moan while he sits back like a king. A perfect toy for the fortunate lazy person in power.

Of course, there are fucking machines, so one person can watch the show while the other one rides it.

There are videos, audio sex talking CDs, vibrators, etc.

You can make your sub/slave do all the work.

You can fall asleep and dream, dream, dream.

Then, after a spell, if you need to get your ass and your libido in gear, how about a sexercise video: Sweet Moves: Be A Rockstar in Bed?. It's so funny and original. And great for that pelvis.


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