Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What's in a Name?

I have been thinking about the power of names recently. I am on a yahoo chat group with Midori, and I swear one of the most entertaining parts of reading all the entries is being exposed to an endless flow of Scene Names.

Scene names remind me of Native American tribal names—they are descriptive more than they are decorative. We can all surmise from the title Yellow Corn Woman the name's symbolism, as well as Mistress Venom. Scene names also have the flavor of the military, in terms of rank. Captain Kirk. Master Nightshade. So educational.

Annie Sprinkle (a fabulous name!) has a piece in her brilliant video workshop, Sluts and Goddesses, where she invites the viewer to pick out a Slut or Goddess name. Sluts use alliteration, like....Betty Bosom, or Pussy Persuasion. Goddesses have names like Buffalo Morning or Babba Yagga.

I love the one-name wonders, like Cher, Madonna, and Midori. They convey such confidence. Who has ever had one name and was a sissy?

I have had many names for many personas in my lifetime. I love the way names can encapsulate a whole slice of life. I have names for sides of me that are sweet as a bunny, a bitchy queen, a cheerleader, a glorious nerd. Each slice a vital experience. And who wants just one slice when they can have the whole pie? Bring on the names!


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