Thursday, October 20, 2005

Golden Tornado

I was taking a walk around the block in sunny Silverlake today and came across the most beautiful outdoor installation. It’s called Maximilian's Schell. It involves big golden stained glass-like leaves whirling two stories high like sails in the middle of a neighborhood block. I stepped inside and there were bales of hay and a fountain. These artists created some kind of outdoor wonderland. An oasis of sorts. This may sound a little woo woo, but I have to admit that with all the tornado scares and hurricane tragedies that have stuck our country these days, this golden, shiny whirlwind of a structure feels like a beautiful counterpart.

In line with the Stockroom’s motto of “All the Best in Sexual Technology,” we all keep a look out for the newest sex gadgets. We want to try and supply you all with the orgasms of the future! That reminds me, anyone remember the orgasm machine that pleasures Jane Fonda’s character in Barbarella? I adore that movie. Anyway, hot tips all over town are talking about the vibrator that is activated by phone messages. Reach out and touch someone. We are seeking that little gadget out to carry at our store. The Stockroom already carries that butterfly vibrator that is sound activated, the Audi-oh. I hear this vibe works best with pounding dance music. Ah yes, it’s the adult version of sitting on the big vibrating speakers of my favorite dance club.


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