Tuesday, October 18, 2005

October in Lucky Lana Land

October is my favorite month. I love the Autumn season and the crazy LA heat cooling down. It’s my birthday Oct. 8th (Libras rock- ask any Libra) and I had a party that involved a 4ft tall blue robot piñata. Now, for those who seek healthy ways to get out their aggression, there is nothing like smashing a colorful toy to bits and have candy stream out of it. I got the piñata at Vine American, a vast party store on Melrose. I am thinking I want a piñata for every occasion. Secretary’s Day, Ann Arbor day, etc.

Of course, October is also kick ass because of Halloween. This is the time of year where frat boys dress in drag and any curious American who has ever had a kinky bone in his/her body buys the skimpiest costume available and tries out that naughty past time, Role Playing. I wonder how many people end up coming out of the Kink Closet after dipping their toe in the water at Halloween.

This year may be a milestone for me, because for the first time I will be dressing as my lifelong hero in satin tights, Wonder Woman. I found some golden rope for my lasso of truth at a Dom’s yard sale in San Francisco! Now I’ve got everything but that golden tiara. I’m on the lookout for that. If anyone has any leads, please let me know.

The Erotic Museum will be throwing a Halloween Party and a bunch of sexy doms from Dominion will be there for your spanking pleasure. The museum throws great parties- the Valentine’s Day party was a smashing success.

I also recommend seeing Robbie D’s Halloween Cabaret at the Cavern Club at Casita del Campo. His moody, brooding songs will haunt you for months to come.

Last Wednesday I attended a kick off party for a new magazine, the Lesbian Quarterly. The zine is fantastic! I love the cover photo of the singer/performance artist Peaches posing as the late bisexual supermodel Gia. The photo quality is great and the articles are smart and sexy. The Gauntlet IIhosted the party as part of Wednesday’s Shotgun night.

I got a call from Sweden yesterday. The founder of Senze online magazine is looking to branch out. What a gorgeous website. The latex outfits are amazing. I am bumping into more and more instances of Latex Flamenco Fetish. So hot. Anyone know of a place where latex fetish flamenco dance shows happen? I’ve got to see one.


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