Monday, November 28, 2005

I’m Back

Did you miss me? I had a week of Holiday/Blog technical difficulties. But I’m back and better than ever. I promise.

Bizarre Bazaar

The first Biz Baz last week turned out to be quite an adventure. Threshold changed locations from Van Nuys to Inglewood in the historic Mayflower Ballroom. I thought the space was a great improvement! I loved the large gothic iron chandeliers and the lights in the ballroom floor. It also provided enough space for all the vendors and the floor show to be in the same place.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, the Stockroom took a new approach and only brought new items to the fair. The big winners? Everyone was playing with the tuning fork dildo- making it ring, making musician jokes, etc. And the Ballz Master Set was a big hit- the size and weight is so formidable! Oh, and the new line of electrical gizmos from PES was the talk of the event as well.

On the stage they had the flamboyant rubber chicken lady, raffles, and some interpretive dance to one of my favorite bands, Portishead. Everyone was all smiles and twinkly kinky expressions. My co-hort and I could not get Neil Diamond songs out of our head all day, but that’s another story…

New Office

Congrats to the Stockroom on moving into their swanky new office space! JT’s Stockroom, all its employees and sex toys had moved into a new building last March. With the move we got a giant sex toy warehouse, some retail spaces to rent out, and a whole third floor for the leather design department and the office spaces.

We took the time to gut the old govt.-looking office spaces and make a real airy, modern looking space for all our creative minds. Months later, the renovation is ready for the office-types to move in. Can I tell you? I just love my new desk.


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